Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno

I love many genres of music. Having a hard time finding a speaker that sounds great with hip hop, techno and rock. Suppose I should mention I've auditioned the Dynaudios Hertiage Specials and Sonus Faber Oylmpia Nova 1s. They sound fantastic with classical, acustic guitar, female voices etc... But what audiophile speaker ..especially at the 7-8k price point doesn't. Idk..  Im starting to think I need two sets of speakers. Sonus Faber Olympica Novas sound beautiful...then maybe a pair for other genres of music. Any suggestions for speakers that sound great for hip hop rock and tecno? I'm only able to do bookshelves...and I do have a pair of RELs already.

My pwr amp is a coda no.8 v2 @ 250w


cerwin vega is good for young people,who likes  feel vibrancy of beat and bass go through entire floor and walls and likes booming bass

dynaudio contour worked fine for techno and rap and rock music when listening louder than usual with krell,bryston and top of the range onkyo amp combo

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I saw Focal Kantas mentioned and I'll chime in since I have Kanta 3s. I listen to almost everything, but that also includes rock and techno/house/trance. These speakers are phenomenal because they're extremely dynamic and pack plenty of punch. Especially in treble and bass response.

They have a ton of flexibility and while they might not be the end all be all in any one category, they exceeded my expectations greatly with being able to handle electronic better than any others I auditioned yet still working very well with all genres. Which was a must and one reason I picked them. I still plan to add two REL subs at some point though.

Th question looks to exclude floorstanders, which probably cuts out of most of the obviously great choices, including several suggested above. 

That still leaves many good suggestions here, but I would add Neat speakers - fast, vivid, engaging, open and very able to get the foot tapping or the head banging.


How much space have you got between speakers and walls?

@tmac1700 If you’re planning to keep the Coda amps, best to go with speakers that will pair well with them that are versatile enough to handle the music uou I quire about. I can think of no speaker better than one by Legacy Audio. Depending on room size, the Legacy Signature SE and Legacy Focus SE or XD are amongst the best you can get without dropping serious dime. They pair perfectly with Coda, as Legacy owner Bill Dudleston used to sell Coda amps with them. The early Legacy amps were actually from them, and today they still pair incredibly well. I’ve owned both the Focus SE and the Aeris in the past, and I have a lot of respect for them.