Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno

I love many genres of music. Having a hard time finding a speaker that sounds great with hip hop, techno and rock. Suppose I should mention I've auditioned the Dynaudios Hertiage Specials and Sonus Faber Oylmpia Nova 1s. They sound fantastic with classical, acustic guitar, female voices etc... But what audiophile speaker ..especially at the 7-8k price point doesn't. Idk..  Im starting to think I need two sets of speakers. Sonus Faber Olympica Novas sound beautiful...then maybe a pair for other genres of music. Any suggestions for speakers that sound great for hip hop rock and tecno? I'm only able to do bookshelves...and I do have a pair of RELs already.

My pwr amp is a coda no.8 v2 @ 250w



Little confused with that speaker. So it's kind of a active speaker with an internal amplifier?

Sorry, just saw this. The Calibres can be ordered as a passive speaker or in the XD version with internal amplifiers. With the XD'S you can run them passive with an external amp, fully active with the internal amps powering everything or bi amped with the internal amps powering the bass drivers and an external amp powering the mid woofer and ribbon tweeter. I'm doing the latter but you can run them full range with just a pre amp if you want.

I promise you they will not run out of power but will sound great at any level. 


@rlovendale nothing yet brotha. things happened at home and my funds went towards a new house, lawyer etc. Ya know 🫣

But.. I still have eyes on this thread and plan on using all the good advise I was given ..