Audiophile Tool Bingo

I was thinking about how many tools (i.e. gadgets) I have to set up my stereo properly.  Maybe we should make an audiophile Bingo game out of the number of these you have!

  • Measuring tape
  • Voltage meters
  • Levels
  • Laser levels
  • Measurement microphones
  • Measurement software
  • LP washer

If I give myself 1 point for each, then I score 10.  What's your score??

You can add tools, but no tweaks! That is, the tool has to help you set up, it's not something you leave in place, so the following do not count:

  • Cable lifters
  • Contact enhancers
  • Acoustic panels
  • Power conditioners
  • Interconnects and electronics
  • Vibration controlling devices of any sort

Never had to use a voltage meter, but anyhow ..yeah lots of crap....I mean stuff...😁

Various lights

USB Microscope

Dr Feikert NG protractor

DB Systems protractor

Bullseye level

4 foot bubble level

Metric and imperial hex wrenches

Micro screwdriver set


Dial gauge indicator (micrometer)

Pressure Gauge


Capacitance Meter

Air gun

SPL Meter

Calibrated Microphone

Laser distance measure

Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting



permanent black marker?

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