Audiophile Wallpaper... the digital kind

Hey guys,

My significant other and I share a home office, and she has been bugging me to change my computer wallpaper for a while now. I was wondering if anybody knew of any speaker/audiophile wallpapers. I would need a high res image, because this is going up on a 23" HD monitor.


Are you kidding? My friends make fun of me because I change my wallpaper every day. Sometimes it's amps, other times speakers etc.I get most of the pix...from Audiogon!
Agree with Roxy54. I do the same thing. I don't know of a specific site for audiophile wallpaper. You could also utilize pics from Sixmoons. Audioreview has some nice pics I've used as well. Look around. There are lots of beautiful digital pics of audiophile setups to use as wallpaper.
You can find many images that are of audio gear but you have to purchase them, I had a cool WP of a LP on a platter that I just clicked and saved then added but many will stretch and distort but for a premium you can avoid this.
Browse through manufacturer's websites and/or magazines. If you find something you like, contact the manufacturer to see if they are willing to send you those pictures in a higher rez. Just tell them you are providing free advertisement for them on your big monitor that's getting viewed by many passer-bys. ;-P