Audiophiles get NO respect

This is not a new observation but it still hurts. Here's an excerpt from an article in the latest GQ (Jan, p. 188) on the problem with overly loud cd mastering:

"There's a lot of stuff written about CD mastering that ventures into the realm of the audiophile, where squabbles over coaxial cables and sub pre-outs are conducted by the kind of men you suspect may never have seen a lady naked, or at least not in the flesh."

Ouch! LOL!!
I am quite perplexed as to the type of man he describes. All my audiophile friends have beautiful women to sit next to when they listen to music, sip wine, and listen to music before making more music.....Perhaps GQ should stand for "General Quackery" I don't expect to see him at the Olympic Gardens next year at CES..........
Listen I have been a phile for a while . When in college I had women whose abitilies have never been equalled . I swear but as long as you had a cool stereo that was all.
Now I mam married to a screaming harpe **** monster from hell who really appreciates music.
My systems are the best ever but the---is the worst.
Have you seen some of the listening rooms on this site? Some of these aren't far removed from the "gimp basement' in Pulp Fiction. I love it when you see a $20,000 amp in a $400 a month 10x10 apartment with no furniture.