Audiophiles make terrific Enophiles

Any winemakers out there??Audio and wine a match made in heaven.
My wine 'vice' started about the same time as my audio 'vice'. Music, on the other hand, has been a life long addiction.
What I find interesting are the parallels between wine and audio gear: there is so much stuff out there masquerading as high end (price-wise anyway). For me, the real fun is in finding the real bargains: a bottle that drinks above its price point; the same with gear.


Just bottled a batch of Pinot Noir on the 7th of December and I am waiting for the moment it's ready. Do you know how hard it is to sit on 20 bottles for six months wondering how it turned out? This was my first attempt at wine making. I have a friend that turned me onto it as I love to drink red wine ... and listen to music. We did it all over at his house and it was a lot of fun. I think the most relaxed I get is on a rainy Friday night, fire in the fireplace and a couple of glasses of good red wine in me. Sitting in my old leather chair - I am never more ready to enjoy music at that point ... I listen to music all week but wintery Friday nights - when there is nothing else to do or worry about is my absolute favorite time to enjoy my system.

I have a new one to try out this weekend .. Cycles Gladiator - Cab. I'm looking for a 2005 but I have a 2007. I have heard good things.


I am a winemaker in California producing much sought after reds. I have a huge vinyl collection and see many parallels between wine and music. And yes while a bottle that drinks above its price point is good, a bottle that is priceless is better.
Wouldn't it be "Oenophile?" Oeno was, in Greek mythology, the goddess who could turn anything into wine.

An "Enophile" would be a fan of Brian Eno's music.
Good stuff, good stuff. But you are correct, I hadnt had my coffee when i wrote that.
Nothing goes with a nice tubed amp and a high sensitivity speaker than a bottle of 1990 Chambolle Musigny or a Clos Voug.
or "a cold chicken leg and a glass of chablis" says sydney greenstreet's character in Christmas in Connecticutt. I don't know about chablis, but a chicken leg, a good glass of pinot, and a tube amp sounds like it's Christmas somewhere....
Miles Davis ... Freddie Freeloader, a bottle of my buddy Terry's 12 month old homemade cab, Costco New York cut steaks and still warm french bread and Terry and Jim to make me laugh - Stompin Tom Conners on Youtube. You Canadians look that one up.

Good memories folks!

"Nothin goes better with wine than a good time and nothin better to pass the time with than a good wine"

Man, I should write that one down.
Never heard anyone say "a good spliff" on here - now there's a good , no, make that "great" combination with music. Legal too, depending on where you live.