Audiophiles... Why Men? Any woman here?

Women equally appriciate and enjoy music as man,

but Why 99.99% of the auudiophiles are men?

because it's involved with intimitating equipments?
Elizabeth has a good point,

I find it amusing that some of the most discriminating musicians have the worst system. Whats even funnier is they use a lot of the technical jargon we do, like Tmbre, pace, rhythem, etc. Those are musical terms but when a audiophile says "this speaker has good pace" and a musician says "this work has good pace" I guess we mean two differnt things.
Women need to be doing at least 3 things at once, so to get them to focus on just music for more than 20 minutes without cleaning something or straightening something up is almost impossible. A lot of women like music only as "background noise". They keep it low while they're doing something else, and don't really pay attention.

Beyond that, they are practical and very "thrifty". I think many of them wouldn't mind if a man bought them an expensive system; but they wouldn't buy one for themselves.

Plus, they generally lack physical strength (for moving things around) and the electro-mechanical sense (for hooking components together). Also, they hate all the clutter of the wires, etc. What men see as "cool", women tend to see as "unsightly".

Add to this that the quality of the reproduction is not an attraction to most of them (sad). The difference in sound quality, unless grossly obvious, is not something the average woman would notice or care about. Whenever I insert a new piece of gear in the system I sometimes ask my wife what she thinks. Her answer is almost invariably, "It sounds about the same to me".

I realize my comments may be upsetting to some, and that there will always be a few exceptions, but by and large, that's the way it seems to me.
Just think of the diamond rings, diamond earrings, and diamond necklaces all that money spent on audio gear could buy.
I know of a few whom have dropped off; notably,Angella 100.--Hey, we all got ears,huh.?? We all got money?? You want in touch with women?? This might not be the best site?? I don't think one looses any points,just because their dealer set up their amps or speakers?? I think it might be of some interest to hear from women, whose sig. other doesn't dig this stuf.--God knows we hear enough of this from the other way around.