Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??

Well, after listening to la musica for a couple of hours now, and its winter and I'm hungry, I am getting to run to my favorite sushi place called Shanes.. And to get to know everyone better, I was wondering your favorite food and place to eat it..
No fish bait for me. Deep fried shrimp and scallops at the Crab Trap or TexMex at El Potro. Add a Bud or Tecate respectively. I also enjoy a Punch Pita afterward. Charlie
so far so good. if glen and reubent would like to fly or drive to cols. ohio, lunch is on me...
Any seafood, or southern Italian will do, just keep all red meat away from me :) Follow up the meal with Eliajha-Craig Bourbon and I'll be happy. Let me know when and where, I'll be there
Here in rural Wisconsin, we're blessed with many great
night clubs that offer great tenderloin steaks. Add
hash browns with cheese, a great salad bar, and a brandy
old fashion sweet and leave me alone...I'm eating!