Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??

Well, after listening to la musica for a couple of hours now, and its winter and I'm hungry, I am getting to run to my favorite sushi place called Shanes.. And to get to know everyone better, I was wondering your favorite food and place to eat it..
Sushi...but since I moved to Missouri from Seattle a year or so ago I tried it once and will now wait until I'm out west again.
McDonald's -- about all I can afford after spending way to much on cables last month --Lorne
Lornecherry take advantage of your next value meal. I placed for big macks under my turntable. Cheaper than vibrapods and they don't ever seem to go bad. It's really a cheap tweak.
Lunch: Cold cuts, Sandwich and fries. PIZZA&BEER
Dinner: Italian or Chinese with good bottle of Red wine.
To be specific: I will eat a chinese plate called ' Drunken chicken' Anyday, Anytime.( Panda Inn chain serves this in LA area. I am not sure if it all over US)