Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??

Well, after listening to la musica for a couple of hours now, and its winter and I'm hungry, I am getting to run to my favorite sushi place called Shanes.. And to get to know everyone better, I was wondering your favorite food and place to eat it..
For great Italian food in South Jersey, Giamirello's on Haddon Avenue next to the town of Haddonfield is Northern and Southern Italian food par excellence! Not cheap, but then neither was the new Turntable, Tonearm, Cartridge and Phono preamp I purchased last month. Their Martini bar is absolutely first rate as well. And Natalie, if you're ever in these parts, order the grilled Polenta. Words can't describe what the taste buds know! Now, if only I could manage to stay awake when I return home from there to listen to music- what an evening that might be.

My favorite munchies to music is Eel or Pepper encrusted Salmon sushi with a chilled Pinot Grigio. It's almost too much of a good thing.

Hey Lornecherry... you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, come on where do you get your fave,, and i know it aint mcdonalds
veal sweetbreads with a '94 stonewell barossa shiraz from peter lehman. papillon, cherry creek north, denver-cfb
Kum-Yons on the beautiful Oregon coast for chinese, and my back yard for T-bone/sirloin steaks. I'm salivating ;>). Cheers. Craig