Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??

Well, after listening to la musica for a couple of hours now, and its winter and I'm hungry, I am getting to run to my favorite sushi place called Shanes.. And to get to know everyone better, I was wondering your favorite food and place to eat it..
veal sweetbreads with a '94 stonewell barossa shiraz from peter lehman. papillon, cherry creek north, denver-cfb
Kum-Yons on the beautiful Oregon coast for chinese, and my back yard for T-bone/sirloin steaks. I'm salivating ;>). Cheers. Craig
.... Ok Sonrisa, I admit it ... I do prefer Wendy's.

And then there's this little Thai restuarant a few miles from where I live. The lemongrass shrimp soup and the Pad Thai with red curry, well they're to thai for --Lorne
Ramstl your not refering to Carmine's, which is owned by Carmine Sprio are you? If so there is one in Albany which is a stellar joint, I frequent it often. Carmine has his own cooking show "Carmine's Table(or corner or something similar to that!)" great food. No fans of Cipriani or Le Cirque, I don't get down to NYC often but great food is paramont to every voyage!