Audiophilia: Is it the pursuit of audio excellence or just a desire to tinker.

So my wife made this observation after I spent a couple hours fiddle farting with cables, connections and speaker placements. She said is this hobby/obsession your desire for audio excellence, or just you like tinkering with stuff, tweaking your system and feeding your OCD? 

She said you try this and try that and guess what it all sound the same to me. She really knows me and my OCD. 

Enjoy your Sunday.  



While you may view it as "both", the fact is, you chose to frame the topic as an "either or". 

Is it the pursuit of audio excellence or just a desire to tinker

@stuartk No Christy my wife framed it that way. I know semantics but I do see it as both also. Okay break is over. 

Tinkering is kind of fun but I don't have the electrical knowledge or experience to do it seriously.



We simply have differing perspectives regarding what you dismiss as "semantics". 


It's both and something else too.  It's a lot of fun to tinker, learn, design, and grow in the hobby. Add to that the love of music faithfully reproduced and !Viola! A payoff for your hard work. 

Most HiFi guys are aesthetics- lovers of beauty, symmetry and perfection. Some call this snooty or uppity but the pursuit of excellence demands dismissal of the imperfect. This can be offensive to the folks who's patron saint is Mediocrities.