Audioqest Wild Wood or Tara Lab Omega Gold?

That is the question.
Hou do you define the difference betwween these two ""wonderful Cables"?
Using 825 from JRDG, Aeris, Criterion and Revel U2 Salon2
or Magico Mini 2 and Playback Design from Andreas Koch
What is the best choice? We are speaking serious money and even more serious sound. Opinions and experiences are welcome.
Many thanks for clarifying.
I wouldn't consider buying cables that expensive without an in home demo first.
Thanks. Of course not. In normal circonstances it would not be wise.
I am not in the "geographic" position to compare or to do a demo.
I am wondering if any of us had some personal experience to share regarding these two specific cables.
You order the cables you want to try from one of the dealers that has demo programs, there aren't any good dealers that won't sell cables without a trial money back guarantee period. Have you tried Aluminata's? They may do the same thing you are looking for at less $$$.
I think you will get the cables new. You need to burn them in for about 3 weeks before you can judge!!