Audioquest Blizzard vs Audioquest Hurricane Source

Hi, I was wondering if anyone compare these two on a preamp?
I tried the Blizzard and the Thunder on my preamp and preferred the Blizzard.
The Thunder gave some edginess in the highs...
I suppose it is because the Thunder uses Lgc and psc copper where the Blizzard uses psc plus only...
Hence my question about the Hurricane source vs Blizzard, both use only psc plus, the best copper version...
Well, when comparing the Monsoon to the Blizzard, the Monsoon had also some edginess in the highs. There are more differences besides the copper between these two, but the Monsoon also uses a combo of LGC and PSC plus...
@blueskywalker ,
Ignore the snarky response above.
If I were you, I would PM John Rutan (audioconnection). He sells AQ and knows his stuff- and he won't try to sell you something. Tell him what your situation is and I bet he'll be able to guide you.
After that, contact AQ directly. They answer the phone and can help you, too.
Much depends upon your equipment, as well as you power lines. So, it is hard to pin down exactly what will work in your situation.
From my limited experience, AQ is building some seriously great cables these days.