Audioquest cables: replace the DBS Battery pack.

I have Cheetah, Volcano and Mont Blanc AQ cables, and I want to upgrade and replace the DBS Battery packs.
My Cheetah has 12V DBS and the new has 36V, the Mont Blanc and Volcano have 24V and the news have 36 and 72V
Please let me know if I can buy only the DBS Battery packs and who sell them.
Why not wait for next year's upgrade to 72V?

Maybe this DBS works, maybe it doesn't. But if it did, why the heck didn't Audioquest figure out that 36V was better that 12V last year and just sell them that way...the actual battery cost can't be that different. The only explanation I can imagine why they didn't is the hope that they can keep sucking in people to pay more money to upgrade.

I actually beleive cables can make a difference. I actually use Audioquest Python interconnects. But it is stuff (I was going to use a different word) like this that makes me wonder whether those that view this all as snake oil aren't, to some extent anyway, correct.
AQ has instructions that they give their dealers on how to sell more wire. They recomend downselling someone who wants to buy 1K worth of equipment by $200 to save room for wire. A 1K system (speakers, receiver, and source) is not likely to bennefit from $200 worth of wire.
And yes AQ does allow you expand the battery pack pretty much to the end of the cable if you want. AQ is a wire company in the worst way.

Unfortunately they do make a good cable. The Cheetah and Jaguar are very good (even without hte battery). Thier speaker cables are also very good. They also sell Sorbothane pucks that work quite well under turntables. Oh well.