Audioquest cables?

I am the owner of a pair Audioquest Midnight speakercables, but I am looking for better sound from my Dynaudios and I think I could get this with another speakercable. I think the Midnight is to soft in the bass, More control and fastness is what I need.

I tryed Nordost, but it´s to metallic and analytic to my Dynaudios. But then I think: couldnt I just buy a more expensive and newer Audioquest speakercable?

Have anyone heard the diffrences between old and unexpensive Audioquest cables, and new and more expensive Audioquest cables? Or maybe just experiences with new Audioquest cables?

Audience makes fantastic cables....I tend to like MIT better as it suits my listening tastes better...I have owned nordost and audioquest, but I feel that MIT are the most natural sounding to my ears.

^^ what AQ and nordost cables did you own. which did you prefer. i have a pair of jaguars and heimdalls. have not tried any MITs.

should i?
Try the Audioquest Rockefeller speaker cables, from what I've heard they'll do what you want.
I picked up a old pair of AQ Indigo once, YUCK! It pretty much scared me away fronm their cables for a while until I tried the Mont Blanc which I still run and like very much. I'd like to try some Kilamanjaros or one of their other silver cable. Has any one here compared the two latter cables?
i have read on other boards that upgrading the DBS unit, say from a 36v to a 72v one, provides a noticeable improvement to the performance and sound of the cable.

has anyone tried this.