Audioquest DBS System

I have been thinking about trying out some of the Audioquest Columbia xlrs for my CD player. To those you have the Dbs system in your cables- How long do the batteries last, and when or if they die do you have to buy a whole new battery Pack? if so how much is the replacement packs? Thanks
I have a pair of Jaguar XLRs 1m with the 24V DBS. They still have plenty of power and I had them for years! By the way, if you are interested I am planing an upgrade and would be willing to part with them. I would make you a good deal.
I've used Columbia RCAs for the past three years or so and never had to change the batteries; I do check them occasionally.  There is nothing you need to do to turn the DBS "on"; if the batteries aren't dead, it's working.