AudioQuest Pegasus vs Thunderbird Interconnects

Hello all,

Has anyone had the chance to listen? I know Pegasus is brand new, but Thunderbird has been around. I am questioning whether the cost/performance is worth it to upgrade to Thunderbird. Not many reviews out there.


"AQ owes me a commission... Did you buy it new? If so, except a long burn in, at least 200 hours."

at least 200 hrs? Can't they burn their cables in before they sell? Guess it's a bad idea for some obvious reason.

I looked it up and found out these cables are priced 2 - 5k/pair... wondering how much these guys earn (IF they're real end users not influencers).


You just joined AG in January and all your posts seem to be negative. Is that why you joined?

What type of equipment are you using that does not improve with better cabling?


Just a curiosity question regarding manufacturer cable burn in I never thought about before.

Easy to understand why the time and effort of burning in individual cables already built is unpractical from a physical and cost standpoint.

But I imagine cable is manufactured/purchased on large spools.  Can the entire spool of cable be burned in wholesale while still on the spool prior to being cut for individual use?


I would guess that if the wire was taken off a spool, then yes, the entire spool could be processed (burned in).

Some of the more exotic designs (like AQ) that would be unpractical. I believe that having music playing through the cables to be the best way to condition them. I say this because I did own a AudioDharma cable cooker which was good, but it still required actually music time to finish the process.

At least in my humble opinion.


hi ozzy,

Thanks for your response.  It's live and learn.  I did not realize that separate time with a music signal was required to finish the burn in process after being on the cable cooker.

By the way, my original thought was for the cable end to be attached to the cable cooker while all the wire was still on the spool.  Basically cook the whole spool in at once.