Audioquest Pegasus XLR Interconnects

There’s about a million different cable options/brands out there to choose from. All at different price points, from DIY to having to practically mortgaging the house expensive. Copper? Silver? You make the choice. Everyone has a different experience in their audio journey. For me, the Audioquest Pegasus (XLR) interconnects were an absolute game changer!!! The Pegasus interconnects are the most fabulously built, and the most fabulous sounding interconnects that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in over 30 years in high end audio!!!  Within the Audioquest hierarchy of interconnects, Pegasus represents their highest quality pure copper interconnect offering.  For those of you who were ever curious about this particular model in the Audioquest lineup, I will bear witness that, IMHO,  the Pegasus are absolute world class performers that will make you question the need to send more on interconnects.  For this audiophile, the Audioquest Pegasus represents my absolute "End-Game" interconnects.  Happy listening.       


maybe this isn't the forum for you. ASR is always looking for new talent. 


I had the Pegasus XLR interconnects in my Audio Research LS28SE/Mcintosh MC462 system and did not like them.   I thought they were thin sounding and  bright.   I replaced them with the Thunderbirds and now am very happy.  

As I've touted from the mountain top, as much as I like the Pegasus in my system,

I've just ordered the Thunderbird XLX, and look very much forward to receiving them.  Happy listening.

Let me know your thoughts when you have a chance to compare them.  I also have the Pegasus, and really like them.

@bwguy  The Pegasus sounds so excellent in my system, I'm still questioning my decision to pull the trigger on the Thunderbird.  Now, I'm expecting the far more expensive Thunderbird to fly me to the moon.  I'll let you know.