Audioquest Power Cords

I thought I post this. I had an Audio guy wrote me to tell me to disconnect the DBS 74V from the power cords and see what I thought. Well, I tried it and wow the impact was huge, with more real presence, weight, detail, and more natural sounding. They sounded really good before but now like a new system. Still open but now with more body to the music, bass more solid, less light in the mid-bass. Anyone who owns the AQ cables with the DBS, give it a shot and unplugged the battery pack, and see what you think. I like it on the I.C. and speaker cables though and there I keep the DBS plugged in. But the power cords are a different story.

Hi I was just giving an example of  any quality cable manufacturer will work fine 

MonoPrice, Amazon, some of the entry levels types from any brand will work as long as the cables in question follow design guidelines and not ridiculous statements like our cables reduced noise and distortion which is nonsense 

THERE WAS A STATEMENT YEARS AGO “An Educated Customer is our best Customer “

Any AudioPhile that believes in purchasing cables that are extremely expensive and have pseudoscience with Snake Oil Marketing is welcome to enjoy there purchase as in there mind they feel more secure believing all the hype


OP was asking about the DBS 72v… so stick with the topic of the thread.

Leave it unplugged for a day to see if the result still the same or it got worsen?

I saw a review on Audioholics where he found the DBS added capacitance to the circuit, so it is doing something measurable. While most would not want to add capacitance, it could, in certain cases, alter the frequency response. In theory at least.