Audioquest PT Arm Damping Fluid

Hello all,
I've searched in vain to try to find some info, about viscosity weight fluid for the AQ Damping Trough.
No luck.

Turntable Basics lists four, and this confuses even further. Light (10,000cSt) Medium (30,000cSt) Heavy (100,000cSt) and an Ultra-Heavy (600,000cSt) for Monopivot Arms.

I'm leaning towards lighter might be better, and perhaps buy the light and/or the medium weight fluids?
Thanks, Mark
Was wrong for me to say that Damping Fluids, and Damping Troughs are a poor band-aid for bad Tonearm.
I failed to recognize, and remeber that many of the finest Arm in the world come with this feature.

Perhaps it's more of what the market wants, akin to perhaps having VTA on the fly, that some feel if Arms don't have these features, they are less desireable, and lacking compared to others.
Mark, this may be too obvious but have you contacted AQ?

If they could not help, you might try Sumiko. Their Premier arms (long discontinued) came from the same OEM. I have a FT-3 and while the weight/type of damping fluid is not specified, instructions say to experiment with the amount of fluid to achieve proper damping.

If this too fails, I would contact Jelco in Japan, the OEM.

Good luck.
Hello Pryso,
Thank you for your advice. Yours is course the most logical, and I did earlier shoot an email off to Audioquest, not asking for Fluids-freebies, but if they can provide the Weight Specification for the Fluid?

If I have no luck with them, I will try as you say, to either contact Sumiko, or even Jelco in Japan.

If I can find out this information, I will share it here, so other owners of these Arms can find this information in the future in our Agon archives.
Thank again Wayne/Pryso for your help! Mark
Mark, another good answer from Pryso. Jelso has just released a new tone arm they are selling as a jelso with some new features, with damping. So they maybe able to tell you viscosity. I have emailed them and gotten a response about the new 750D arm.