Audioquest SureGrip 100 BFA/Banana

Just opened some banana connectors I've had for a couple of years.  

Warning:  If you've been using a product for some years because you found it well engineered and of quality materials and assumed that trend would continue.....well that's on you.....and now me!  What a piece of dreck!

I've used Audioquest bananas for decades.  Always a great solution.  The rendition I have now is cheap beyond belief, the screws so small it's like performing vascular surgery and they strip and fall into the cylinder.  The plastic covers now disgustingly flimsy!  Re-branding would be AudioDreck.  Wow!  How does a company re-engineer down to that level?  Now charge the same, if not more.

This type of behavior should be cleansed from the product landscape.


Thank you.  Received Sewell individual bananas and they are magnitudes above the Audioquest dreck.

I bought 10 Pomona double banana plugs from an eBay seller. The real thing - and getting harder to find! Superior to the common Ch*nese cr*p. Audioquest bananas - LOL! The race to the bottom!