Audioquest Two ended Bi-Wire terminations

I brought a set of Redwood Cables I bought used from an authorized dealer who received them on a trade in.  I’m they were Bi-wired on one end.  I asked them to determinate the other end to bi-wire because I run my Bryston 7B’s in parallel.  He said they can do it in house.  
When I received them I tested them with an ohm meter and the two grounds show continuity. The dealer said the drain wires are connected to the ground on the amp side and they are tied together on the dbs side.  This does not sound correct to me.  Should the grounds be electrically bonded?  
In some amps with two sets of speaker connections the grounds are common terminals inside the amp but on the Bryston your ground terminals are different in parallel mode.

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perhaps the picture will explain by what I mean in parallel of serial mode.  But I can’t figure out how to attach a photo to a forum post here. If you scroll through on this link to the pic of the back of the amp you will see

the Bryston 7B will allow you to use two wires (serial mode) or 4-wires (bi-wire on both ends) to connect each channel.  It has to do with how the amps internals achieve the 600+ WPC.  I know that obviously the drains (or what AQ calls the cathode) of the DBS are connected together but actually tying them to the ground signal conductor seems odd in a (let’s call it) double bi-wire configuration.  
In a basic single ended bi-wire your signal grounds are obviously tied together. 

I measured the continuity between the two signal ground lugs on the amp and they do appear to be connected together internally .  
Okay got it. To be safe all 4 conductors on the speaker cables should be isolated from each-other. It's impedance matching for the Bryston amplifier, better safe than sorry. But in reality it should not matter for this specific application.
Should probably cut out the DBS system anyway.  All ir does in increase the capacitance.  cant really hear a difference with the batteries connected or disconnected anyway.