Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet

Anyone compare and contrast? I am running the Wireworld Starlight 8 3M from DAC to modem, sounds very good, audiblly better than Supra 8 cable. Is AQ Vodka a step up from Starlight? Thx. Neal


neil we compared both the wireworlds are better



Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

Wireworld dealers.

Thank you, Dave and Troy. I understand higher cost does not always equate better quality, but the AQ Vodka is literally 2x the price of the WW Starlight 8 (not the Platinum Starlight). Are you saying you felt the WW Starlight 8 sounds better than the AQ Vodka, price disparity aside? Thank you. Neal

The WW Starlight 8 (Red one) is a wonderful cable and it punches way above it's price. I'm very happy with it but I'll upgrade to Platinum because this cable is so darn good. I have an AQ Diamond to demo but I haven't bothered yet because I like this cable so much.

I purchased a used AQ Vodka Ethernet and compared it with my then current (no pun intended) Wireworld Starlight 8. The Vodka clearly was the winner in my rig. More full-bodied and deeper, more taut bass, better natural vocals, and the piano test definitely tipped the Vodka in its favor. Starlight 8 sounded relatively thin. It is excellent for the price, but Vodka is a notch above.

Want to try the EtherRegen device when I am familiar with the Vodka.

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@nglazer Your experience mirrors mine in AQ Vodka vs WW Starlight ethernet. Still, I prefer optical over any ethernet, although still using AQ Vodka prior to FMC points.