Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet

Anyone compare and contrast? I am running the Wireworld Starlight 8 3M from DAC to modem, sounds very good, audiblly better than Supra 8 cable. Is AQ Vodka a step up from Starlight? Thx. Neal


This video is a "how to" but does not demonstrate or prove that inserting the FMC link does anything useful.

Not sure anything needs to be “proven” here. If you listen to people who’ve incorporated the Sonore Optical Rendu (among others) into their streaming chain they seem pretty universally thrilled with the results. I’ll take that over proof or measurements any day.

jjss49 posted the video in response to "And how is FMC better than ethernet cable?"  It did not deal with the question of how FMC is better than ethernet cable; it merely showed how to do it.

As for the popularity of the Sonore Optical Rendu, it is an Ethernet-to-USB convertor and not just an inserted optical link.

And, yes, the question would better have been answered by user comments.


I just watched the video that jjss49 posted, and it seems pretty clear to me from the explanation the guy gives how this works, and why it should be better. The optical conversion prevents electrical noise from crossing where an electrical conductor would let noise pass.

There are probably other ways to get electrical noise out, like filters using capacitors resistors inductors but if you just watch the video and listen to what is said the explanation is right there.  

What the hell is the complaining about?

OK, OK.  I'll drop out now.  I was just looking for a different type of discussion.

@kr4  Always nice to see you posting.  Don't let our argumentative friends faze you, just accept they are always right.