Audioquest Vodka vs Wireworld Starlight 8 (Not Platinum) Ethernet

Anyone compare and contrast? I am running the Wireworld Starlight 8 3M from DAC to modem, sounds very good, audiblly better than Supra 8 cable. Is AQ Vodka a step up from Starlight? Thx. Neal


"The Starlight CAT8 is very different sounding Ethernet cable when compared to my AudioQuest Diamond or Vodka Ethernet cables. The Starlight CAT8 is more extended sounding at the high and low end. This cable has a bit of midrange presence that I liked and didn’t find to be annoying in terms of brightness. The retrieval of high-end detail is outstanding. The midbass of the Starlight CAT8 is very controlled as is the low end. Dynamic contrasts, both micro and macro, are beautifully rendered and very easy to hear. The Audioquest Diamond and Vodka have smoothness at the high end that some, no doubt, will prefer. But I find the Starlight CAT8 to be the more revealing cable. The soundstage rendered by the Starlight CAT8 is the largest I have heard extending far beyond the lateral borders of my speakers. There is also very good depth reproduction if captured on the recording.


IMHO, the more I listen to my AQ Vodka Ethernet cable, I am convinced it is markedly superior to the WW Starlight CAT8, which at its price is a great value. The Vodka is more full-bodied and balanced, with dead background silence. At some point, I will try the AQ Diamond vs. the WW Platinum Starlight, but don't want to make myself even crazier just now over Ethernet cables. Neal

In my steaming setup, this some years ago, both WW compared to various models of AQ up to Vodka.  In general WW what i'd consider analytical vs all AQ models. For me, all  AQ more forgiving, with increased transparency, resolution as you go up the chain. I've now had AQ Vodka for perhaps four years now, never felt a need to try any other ethernet.


@jjss49 I agree megabuck ethernet may be extremely marginal gain, once you get to a certain level, little to be gained, below that well worth it.


Ethernet's greatest liability may be for the ability for RFI to enter through the connectors, or if not shielded well, through the cable jacket. I have Trifield Meter which measures RFI, very high levels of RFI around streaming components So noise not only enters chain from within components generating EMI, also through the air. 


One other thing I believe I've never mentioned prior,  I run cable modem close to my audio system. Many years ago I discovered much better sound quality running longer coax cable which allowed running better ethernet from modem to router. Bottom line, ethernet cable from modem to router or switch is important.


Also, I have Sonore OpticalModule on order, will be getting Acoustic Network Muon ethernet filter when I get back from vacation. Optimization of both ethernet and fiber continues.



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If I shop around for a pair of FMCs that I'd like to try I see dozens of them at reasonable prices.  I presume some are better than others.  Is there any one you'd care to recommend?