AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR

Hello all,

Looking to upgrade my interconnects from my McIntosh C2700 to MC611 monoblocks. I am very interested in AQ Tbirds or Firebirds vs. Cardas Clear Beyond XLRs. I want an end-game cable and would appreciate some feedback. I'm open to any additional suggestions. I do enjoy the prodigious bass/midbass and the smooth midrange that the combo provides. It's a little light on top, though (as McIntosh is). I think Cardas and AQ will preserve my wishes, but is there anything out there that will keep my midrange/mid-bass/bass and improve upon the highs? I think I may be asking for too much, though! I would be very grateful for some direction. 


@lollipopguild Anyhow, this is now moot as I've ordered the Cygnus

Good deal. Should be good to go. 

I'm enjoying trying Cygnus with different components. Some times I interchange Cygnus with Clear Reflection. Both are nice for different reasons. You definitely can hear a little more with the 4-wire Cygnus, when compared to prior generations


The Cygnus's arrived today, and already after only an hour of listening the detail and transparency they're offering is remarkable.  Though, to be honest, they're a touch harder and brighter than I was hoping for.

I noticed in an earlier comment you remarked on their burn-in. Can I ask how they are likely to change?  


Hard and bright are terms normally associated with new equipment before breakin. Run it 24 hours a day for at least 100 hours… and it should soften. But do not judge until at least 200 hours. 


@lollipopguild I noticed in an earlier comment you remarked on their burn-in. Can I ask how they are likely to change?  

They relax and settle in after they've been uncoiled out of the box, rested in place plugged in, and there is a form of discharging affect that occurs as part of the dielectric itself, and won't go into the wire-usage aspects. A few things happen, change does occur.  It's been posted many-many times on Agon. Sometimes we feel like a broken record on this topic...  

As @ghdprentice mentioned, I'm from the same camp of giving them 21-30 days, no joke.  You'll hear it smooth out, more depth, mild texture comes in, and  oddly enough becomes more engaging to listen to.  More on the Cardas site. Enjoy.