Audioquest Water

I heard through the grapevines that Audioquest discontinued the Columbia and replace it with a new interconnect named Water. Does any one know anything about this Water interconnect? I tried to Google it but could not get any info. Maybe Bo1972, our resident expert on Audioquest, can chyme in.
As you may know they are changing out a few of their cables as they upgrade. I will check on that or if John is around, he will know.
Do you know what has replaced the King Cobra and Diamondback interconnects?
Guys, I just spoke with John at Audio Connection. As you know he's a big time AQ dealer. I've been getting a bunch of AQ cable, in fact John had me get the Castle Rock instead of Gibraltar because it's the new one. The changes are minor. for the most part it's all just getting away from the metal parts on the cable and replacing them with poly so it doesn't change the signal. It's the part where the connectors are (sorry forget what they call the collars). They are just changing the names for marketing etc... He said you can hear differences, but it's not a major overhaul. Just enough change to give them new names. I bet they are also trying to keep ahead of all the counterfeit stuff out there too.
Thank you very much Ctsooner for finding the answers for us. This is a fun hobby. We get excited when new toys come out.