Audirvana / Music Streamer II Help

In May I bought Audivrana and was very pleased. I was playing it through Music Streamer II to my system. I updated Audivrana sometime in June and everything stopped working. The mute light on the Music Streamer II is on and no signal comes out of it. I have tried everything I know how to do on the computer (MacBook Pro). I have changed output in settings, made sure it is unmuted, changed output in Audivrana. It says it is playing to the Music Streamer II. But the Music Streamer II says the signal is muted. Any help would be great!
Don't think we have enough information to be of any help. I also bought Audirvana and find the new 3.5 version to be more DLNA effective for wireless streaming than earlier versions. 

You should post this at Audiophile Style where they have a forum with a thread on the Audirvana 3.5 release.

It's very good and folks there have lots of in-depth knowledge and can probably steer you in the right direction. The Audirvana creator Damien is also known to pop in too.

I think Audirvana 3.5 is awesome and wish you good luck and happy listening getting going again.
It sounds like you may have already done this but the Audio MIDI needs to be set up to output to the correct device. When I updated Audirvana a couple of months ago I had to fiddle with the MIDI settings to get it to work.
Thanks for the replies! I did not know that Audio MIDI even existed. I opened that and the mute box is not checked for Music Streamer II. However, the Master Volume is all the way down and there is no way I can drag or move that slider.