buyer beware!

although a strong performing app when working, it is an accident waiting to happen and not ready for prime time yet!

audirvana seems to be all talk and no support when the app malfunctions and help is requested.

two weeks on and I’ve received no help what so ever from two emails asking for assistance with a broken piece of $75 software.

not even a auto response email indicating mine was received.

in that time several updates to the app were released, but none mended any of the issues preventing access or functionality, yet all revisions were engaged or applied successfully.

neither am I counting getting no feedback via the Audirvana forum a month and more ago.

in fact, it took them several days following purchase of the app for receipt of the unlocking key code to arrive, requiring several requests for it in the interim.

I suppose that should have been a clue.

naturally in a Public service announcement of sorts, I felt its time to let prospective owners know exactly what they are about to get with this software after the sale.

$75 is a high price for something which does not work as it is supposed to, or as its maker assures it will.

Or in the event of failure be it simple or catastrophic, all contact asking for help is simply ignored in its forums and when directly sent to its maker.

no matter how one looks at any program’s support, two weeks without any feedback at all is terrible!

if support mainly is derived via a ‘FORUM’ then said forum MUST be forthcoming via designated members whose experience is lengthy and deep and they have to be timely and forthcoming with help to those who ask.

it appears Audirvana is all about getting the money and little else.

it is only right to let other’s decide for themselves if they want to get involved with something which yields excellent performance, when working, but demonstrates no concern what ever when its clientele comes to them with issues.

This is all quite regrettable, and completly unsatisfactory.

obviously hamstrung by a lack of knowledgeable techs to help out when related app questions or problems arise, they launch their bag of tricks onto Windows!

good luck Windows users!.

when it was a dedicated Apple OS only support was nearly non existant, now how poor will be its support arm across two OS platforms? I shudder to think!

lastly, isn't it about time for people to be in full disclosure as to who the app will or can work for?

those who have visual challenges are continually left behind because the app writers refuse to add another phrase or line of script so adaptive software can interface with what ever app and enable screen reading tools integration.

If no aid or support for adaptive software, either third party or indemic to the OS is inherent to the third party app, then the author (s) MUST or certainly should prominently disclose that info in a disclaimer PRIOR to point of sale!

nothing of the sort was done.

yes. there is/was a trial period. whtin that frame the 3.0 vewrsion became slowly more useable. finding that encouraging the app was bought.

Ver 3.5 arrived and suddenly the app fell on its face posing multiple problems in particular, some totally inaccessable settings and or content.

and now, no aid at all.
FWIW, I’ve used Audirvana for years, updating with all new versions and every time I’ve had an issue requiring assistance I’ve gotten a response. It has sometimes taken a day or two but I’ve had resolution and in most cases the issue involved my lack of understanding in some regard. That being said, I understand your frustration with Audirvana falling down in assisting you with your issue.


Thank you.

I wish I were as fortunate as yourself in terms of a timely reply.

Are there previous versions of A'vana posted online at their site?

perhaps I can fix it myself if this is so.

Once an update to 3.5 and then .6, I had two versions running so I got rid of 3

that is about when I think everything went south.

i'm guessing a complete uninstall of a''vana and then begin all over and DON'T uninstall anything might be the ticket.


some areas take ONLY mouse clicks. some buttons now will not announce their identyties saying just its first letter.

key strokes like ENTER, RETURN do nothing just about everywhere.

windows for settings refuse to open or populate.

same thing for audio output settings.

the only way to get the thing to work now is by generating a playlist in another app and importing it, then using only the mouse click it to begin play.

or in Finder/Explorer select files and use the menu to choose open with... and pick A'vana.


and, several other issues exist.. Yikes.

what a mess.

too bad they won't respond to direct emails.

guess I'll try posting my issues again.

I'll update here things change or do not change.

again, THX

I have a similar problem. Like blindjim above, no response from the company when they are contacted with questions.