audition copper/silver arm wire in New York

On the subject of the internal tonearm wire being copper versus silver.
I read tons of excellent reviews / feedback on the subject where folks often use word 'dark' when applied to sound produced by copper tonearm wire, for example, augiogon members Eweedhome, Frogman and many others. Those reviews help to stay more informed, just very interesting to read, big thanks for that. I would much appreciate to be able to listen to silver all the way from cart to the juke box, or may be just the silver arm wire. Does anybody know a dealer any other place in New York city where this can happen? Thank you
Try audioconnection in Verona. They have one of the biggest analogue choices in Tri-State. If they can't provide you wanted luxury, I wouldn't even know who can.
Avs9, I tried contacting you privately but was not able to. I won't have time for the next few weeks, but if come April or so you still have not been able to do so, contact me and I would be glad to try and find some time to demonstrate my vinyl rig using the AudioNote silver wire that I am currently using as well as Cardas and Discovery copper wires. I have wire harnesses of each that are relatively easy to change.
Frogman, Are you using the silver Litz Audio Note wire? I am about to try it out, too.