audition copper/silver arm wire in New York

On the subject of the internal tonearm wire being copper versus silver.
I read tons of excellent reviews / feedback on the subject where folks often use word 'dark' when applied to sound produced by copper tonearm wire, for example, augiogon members Eweedhome, Frogman and many others. Those reviews help to stay more informed, just very interesting to read, big thanks for that. I would much appreciate to be able to listen to silver all the way from cart to the juke box, or may be just the silver arm wire. Does anybody know a dealer any other place in New York city where this can happen? Thank you
Lew, yes that's what I use. Fantastic wire; I can't say enough good things about it. A real PITA to work with, but worth the effort. I use one continuous run on a Eminent Technology 2 arm, from cartridge clips to phono preamp. I will be surprised if you don't like it. Not a lush sounding wire, but very refined sounding, with great speed, and not bright or zippy in the least (in my system).
BTW, Lew. Re soldering this wire. A good technique for soldering these incredibly thin wires is to first rub a little flux (best, but not essential) on the ends, and then to hold a bead of molten solder on the tip of the iron. Then, with your other hand run the end of the wire through the solder a couple of times. I found that this works much better than a solder pot. Please let us know how you like the wire.
Frogman, yes with personal emails now sort of not working (at least for me) it is not that easy to get in touch with someone. But whenever you have time it is 9143099091 my cell, would appreciate.
For now I decided to go with copper in my old Sumiko MDC800, I am also getting RS-212D that also has copper wire in it be default. This was part of a reason I decided to stick with copper for now, my thinking was the cost between copper and silver would not be that substantial relative to the overall cost of the arm in those costing 2 K and more. So if Ortofon/Origin Live so chooses to put copper in its flagman - they should have a reason. Hopefully copper doesn't make Rachmaninoff sound like Shostakovich (just kidding)