Audition of a Sugden in the Seattle area

I have been trying to find a used Sugden A21SE for a while now and not having much luck. No way to audition one as the only dealer in my area does not offer this.

If someone in the Seattle area has a A21SE I would be willing to compensate for your time to do a quick A/B to my current integrated and to see how it pairs with my system/speakers. 


What are you looking for?  I can only offer the real world attributes of my Sugden A21SE.  Ran mine for years with Merlin Black Magic Edition and Penaudio Cenya monitors.

They are rattler strike quick.  Attack of vocals and instruments is immediate.  Everything else seems slow off the mark and smeared.

Sound stage is very good, but not totally disappearing.  Space between instruments is respectable.  Bass is solid but not thunderous.  The 33 WPC is plenty in all but the most demanding applications.  Preamp out allows sub application, which I used.

Recently plugged mine into my wife's system replacing her Luxman 509X at 120 WPC and it more than held its own.  She runs ATC 20 passive sealed box.

I've run a plethora of great tube gear and moved away eventually mostly because of the slowness of attack.  Hope you find your sound.


Good luck finding one used as they are held onto tenaciously.

Gig Harbor Audio carries the Sugden line.  Might be worth a call to see if they can assist.

I have one bought it on Canuck Audio I made a mistake couple of years ago and sold my Masterclass l A 4 when I had my PMC 25/26 system happy to have a Sugden again it truly is a phenomenal amp for the $$ good luck in your quest 

Gig Harbor carries them in the Seattle area. I bought my A21SE Signature from BEK HiFi in Allentown, PA.