Audition of a Sugden in the Seattle area

I have been trying to find a used Sugden A21SE for a while now and not having much luck. No way to audition one as the only dealer in my area does not offer this.

If someone in the Seattle area has a A21SE I would be willing to compensate for your time to do a quick A/B to my current integrated and to see how it pairs with my system/speakers. 


Gig Harbor Audio carries the Sugden line.  Might be worth a call to see if they can assist.

I have one bought it on Canuck Audio I made a mistake couple of years ago and sold my Masterclass l A 4 when I had my PMC 25/26 system happy to have a Sugden again it truly is a phenomenal amp for the $$ good luck in your quest 

Gig Harbor carries them in the Seattle area. I bought my A21SE Signature from BEK HiFi in Allentown, PA.