Auralic Altair and Wyred4Sound DAC 2 DCD question, please

HI all.


I am getting the Auralic Altair with its built-in DAC, for its storage and streaming features. However I already have (and am very happy with), my W4S DAC 2 DSD/femto.


I can use the Altair’s DAC and sell the W4S to help offset the cost of the Altair, OR, I can feed the Altair into the W4S, (which I assume will give me slightly better SQ. Am I probably correct?).


Of course I will A/B the setup to make the final SQ determination. But it seems rather wasteful to have two DACS (especially for only a slight (?) improvement in sound. But more importantly, for financial planning, it would be nice to know ahead of time if I would probably be selling the W4S or not.


Does anyone have any experience with these, or just any comments? Any would be appreciated…



I had the exact same Wyred dac as you with the dsd and femto clock upgrade.  I found the sound to be a bit forward sounding, perhaps because of the ESS chip used.  I sold it after about 6 months.  Previously I had the Wyred dac1 without dsd or Femto clock and liked it better.