Auralic Aries Mini sporadic crackling/static on co axial output.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Happens any time I use the co axial output on my Mini.  It's subtle but comes across as distortion randomly in a song, a little "crackle" sound, then it's gone.  Might happen 5-6 times in a song or so.  This unit is new. 

I've tried different cords and even output to different DACs, it's definitely the Mini.  USB output works superb.

Also my unit seems to run very warm for a streamer (Internal DAC is bypassed)

@ghosthouse Thanks for the input. I was quite surprised at the operating temp. Good to know it's probably normal with her. Great little unit btw. And the Lightning DS operating system is pretty slick and stable. 
@jond Good idea. I will email them tomorrow and see what they say. I'll keep this thread updated as I hear back. 
Sorry. Can’t address your "crackle" problem with coax out. I didn’t notice anything like that during the brief time I used coax out. Mostly I use USB out to a Gungnir MB DAC via Oyaide USB cable. Primary reason for replying however is to confirm my Aries Mini runs pretty warm too. So, I think that is normal. I used to be concerned about the apparent cozy operating temp, but not so much anymore. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve owned it. It’s powered up 24/7 and gets several hours of daily use. Hope that helps a little.
It’s funny you mention this I’ve had my Mini for a few years now and always used the RCA coax outputs. Never had a problem until recently with very occasional static-y sounds usually when I’ve been playing it for a long time. But maybe like once or twice in the last 6 months total. I powered the unit down and back up last time and problem solved. If your unit is new reach out to Auralic it maybe hardware or perhaps a firmware issue.