Auralic Vega DAC: How's it compare in 2020?

I have a Dennafrips on order but no one is sure when it will get here so I'm thinking of buying another DAC to feed my audio habit while I wait. My research has led me to believe that the Auralic Vega DAC may be one that I would enjoy and is available at a reasonable price. What I question is how good is it compared to the newer designs with the much newer DAC chips?  After all, the Vega, apparently superb for its day, is based on the ES9018. 

The Vega would replace a Sabaj D5 ES9038Pro based DAC.  You probably have not heard a D5, but it is very good and much better than the DAC in the Node 2i.  I do not use a preamp.

I stream TIDAL Premier through a Node 2i.  The amp is a Classe AMP2, class D, into B&W 705S2.  

What do you think?  
I owned a VEGA for several years (sold it for a DAC-preamp with DSP). I suspect that the VEGA will sound really good -- it is a fine DAC -- but not necessarily better than the one you are using now. Let’s face it, "better" is quite subjective when it comes to today’s DACs.

The VEGA has an extremely transparent and neutral character, not harsh or grainy and yet with no added warmth.

Hope that helps.
I used a Vega in my main system (external to a Bluesound Node 2) up until recently when I replaced it and the Node 2 with a TEAC NT-505 streamer/DAC.  It was in my main system for a reason.  I'd echo Mike's comments, very clean sounding and easy to listen to with lots of detail. 

It's "old" but can handle just about anything you throw at it, except MQA (which I personally could care less about), offers a number of connection options, and remote control.  I think it's a bargain at current used prices.
Thank you for the input.  I found that the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC is about the same price so I'm checking them out also.
I am frankly surprised how good the vega sounds in my system, it’s my first DAC that isn’t non-oversampling. I thought it would be a temporary replacement for the Metrum I sold while I save up for a Sonnet DAC, but I’m enjoying it immensely so maybe I’ll wait... I have a tube amp which probably adds some warmth without adversely affecting the level of detail. BTW you can still upgrade these to DSD256 for $250 plus shipping to their office in Oregon.