Auralic Vega G2.1 vs Lumin T3

I'm in search of a DAC / streamer / preamp combo and I am looking for some help. I am considering the Auralic Vega G2.1 or a Lumin T3. Does anyone have any experience / recommendations on either of these I have mentioned. Thanks!



you’re welcome - happy to help if I can.

I will be very curious as to your findings with the setups you hope to demo. I haven’t heard the MMT, but it’s supposed to be very, very good. Bill at GTT Audio often pairs it with the Aries G2x and the Grimm MU2. Both streamers are significantly better than the function built into the MMT from what I gather.

And, when you demo the Aries G2.2 and Vega G2.2, you’ll want to compare their pairing across USB and/or AES and then via their proprietary lightning link. That comparison will give you a feel for what can be achieved with the units together. If you like that combo, you’re going to want to experiment with upgrading the hdmi cables they use to communicate via LL. 

Please do keep me posted because your findings will likely be helpful to me.


Even the stock cables they provide outperformed an expensive USB cable I started with - at least for me. I’ve used both wireworld and audio quest cables to very good effect. Thunderbird, Firebird and Dragons work very well and aren’t too expensive. Outrageous pricing hasn’t made it to hdmi cables as of yet.


I am also evaluating adding an upgraded streamer and I have a couple of new DACs on their way here as well (SMc Audio DAC-2 arrives Friday and my Mola Mola Tambaqui should be here within the week).   

I am interested in the Auralic Aries G2.2 streamer but would prefer to continue to integrate and access Tidal, Qobuz, and my own stored music files using Roon through my own server, which is a Roon core.  However, I keep reading that Auralic's own Lightning DS software sounds noticeably better than using the G2.2 as a Roon endpoint. Does this mean the Auralic streamers do not interface with Roon very well, or is it that their own software is just better?  If I don't want to give up Roon, should I consider a different streamer other than the Auralic Aries G2.2? 


The Auralic units do interface with Roon very well. The difference in sound quality between Roon and Lightning link is also experienced by other ecosystems (Inneos, Lumin, etc.).  

I believe it’s more an issue that proprietary operating and file management system software is written to address the unique resources (i.e. cache buffers, etc.) of the hardware. Roon cannot do this because they’re trying to operate across so many platforms. 

I had Roon - thought it sounded great. Then tried Lightning link just for kicks and noticed the better sound on the same file. 

So don’t give up on Auralic because of Roon as you may experience this with any system (though I understand Grimm only works w/ Roon - no proprietary software). If you like Roon - be happy with it. It’s clearly the best user experience. Just also know there might be better sound available. The good thing is - you can actually have both. Use Roon for everyday and keep Lighting DS (or whatever proprietary system you’re on) for critical listening. It’s no problem to have both.