Auralic Vega g2 or aurender a10

Time to get in the digital world can’t decide one which one aurender  a10 or auralic Vega g2 the rest of the system is Mc 275 gorden  gow,Conrad Johnson Et3se ,mk3 Von Schweikert speakers any input would be helpful thanks scooter
@audiotroy I heard LUMIN T2 but to my ears upper range is bit harsh, do you think it is because of DAC part? anyway lumin app, detail and bass control is amazing!
Another point to consider is: what will you be using by way of control app?
The Vega G2 is a superb streamer dac, but you don;t get the Auralic Lightning DS app with it (for that you need to add the Aries G2). You can use the Vega G2 as a Roon endpoint (I use my Vega G1 in that way), which is what I went with.

With Aurender, you are captive to the Aurender Conductor app, which is very good but you are still captive

With Lumin, you have choices: you can use the (nice) Lumin App or you may want to use Roon (e.g. when your music is on a NAS or NAS/NUC combo).

Listening to all 3 sources will be a challenge as few dealers carry all 3.
Perhaps decide how you want to manage your music (Aurender App, Lumin app, Roon, ...) and then try to listen to the player which accommodates that app?
The t2 is buttery smooth you need to set upsampling 44k to dsd and the sound is unbelievable 

If you didn't hear the t2 doing dsd you didn't really hear the t2

Also use footers and a better powercord

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