Auralic Vega G2 vs Aries G2

Looking for a streamer and a DAC...  I was looking at the Aries G2 and looking for a DAC to go with it.  Then I saw the Vega G2 which also has a streamer built in.  I don't need to stream files from a server or store content.  I just need to stream Tidal (maybe Spotify if in a pinch) - so the Vega G2 has all the streaming features I need.  There are articles that seem to claim that the sound quality of streaming content is better when using the Aries G2 + Vega G2 together (using their lightning connection) than what the Vega G2 alone will produce.  Is it me or is this marketing non-sense?  I can see using a separate Aries G2 if you need the extra features of a full fledged streamer but how can the SQ via an external connection be better than the SQ of connections that are made directly via internal circuits??  Another article mentioned that the CPU on the Vega is freed up to focus only on the DAC but again... seems like grasping at straws to sell that based on SQ rather than via feature differences.  Thoughts?
It’s not marketing nonsense because the manufacturer is on record on several forums stating that if you just want to stream Tidal the Vega G2 will suffice. Aries might add a slight bit more to streaming in addition to being a server.
As a Vega G2 owner for the last few months I can tell you that the sound quality of Tidal streaming directly from router is nothing short of spectacular. Beats any dac/transporter/renderer/server combo I have ever heard at home. Don’t need expensive cables, outboard power supplies, or USB filter/fixer. Volume control is great too. My system now consists off: router-> Vega G2-> amp->speakers
I just placed my order for a Vega G2 considering getting the Leo which will make a larger diffrence in sound over the Aries G2 , the Aries G2 would be nice if one don’t currently has a NAS
Nicolas, (6-16-2018 comment): Beautifully spoken. And, at that level of performance (upper high-end SQ), represent excellent value (re: Auralic 'Vega G2' DAC).

nickolaspappas, having owned the Vega G2 for a few months, have you had any issues with the app or any connection issues?  You still happy with your purchase?  I’m considering the same unit, but was a bit concerned that there is really a strong emphasis on the dac that the unit’s streaming capabilities were just so so.  I wasn’t really looking to upgrade again after this but the auralic lineup seems to encourage the additional Aries G2 as well as their Leo masterclock. I’m also considering The Lumin t2. 
While I can't comment (yet) on the Vega G2 specifically I can on the Aries G2.  I have had one in my system for two months and my experience parallels nickaspappas's: streaming with the Aries is nothing short of spectacular.  I stream hi-res Tidal and Qobuz.  The last time I spun a disc was almost two months ago.  I also was a Roon subscriber.  Lightning DS is excellent in my estimation, with better sq and rock solid to boot.  I let my Roon subscription lapse.  I will have a Vega G2 and Leo GX next week. I have been streaming wirelessly but will try different combinations/connections then.