Thanks to all that responded in my recent post regarding my digital front end!

Many of you suggested Aurender for a streamer. I have found a demo unit that will eat up the majority of my $5,000 budget not leaving me much money for a new DAC.

I thought it was the DAC that was the most important item in the digital chain.

Any thoughts on this? Thank you!



@oddiofyl - Off the subject but I was doing some reading up on the DAC you have, the Lab12, interesting. Terry London at Home Theater Review says the Lab 12 could hold its own with $10K - $20K DACs. Have you compared the Lab 12 to any other DACs? 

I would like to upgrade from my Gustard R26 sometime in the future but with the price of the Lab 12, I may be able to do it sooner rather than later.

I think I'll just order the DH Labs coaxial cable this AM too! 

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