Thanks to all that responded in my recent post regarding my digital front end!

Many of you suggested Aurender for a streamer. I have found a demo unit that will eat up the majority of my $5,000 budget not leaving me much money for a new DAC.

I thought it was the DAC that was the most important item in the digital chain.

Any thoughts on this? Thank you!



@dabel  awfully kind of you, Good sir! Although some people are saying now that a DDC may not be the way to go with the Aurender N200, it may be a distraction. I guess I wouldn't know till I try, but if I don't use a DDC I'll be using a USB or coaxial cable, I really don't want to make you goout of your way and make trouble for you. If you do send it, I'm sure I'll definitely use it somewhere down the road if not, thank you so much for you good hearteness!

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