Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700

I recently purchased a McIntosh C2700 and am pairing it with a pair of MC611s driving a pair of Harbeth SHL5+ HD speakers. Speakers will likely be changed to SF Serafinos or Amatis down the road For streamers I have narrowed it down to an Aurender N200 (and would use the DAC2 in the C2700) or the Aurender A20 and use its internal DAC. Is the DAC in the A15 much better than the DAC in the C2700? Are the other components in the N200 a step up from those in the A15?




@lewl28 what is your opinion about N05 vs N05xd ? is there a very big improvement between these two? or shall i wait till i have enough budget for n01xd?


Doboree - I only listened to the N05-XD.  By the time that I was looking, the XD was the current model. 


lewl28 OP

Agreed about digital being able to rival analog.   I ended up with an Esoteric N-01XD.  I find myself no longer putting albums on the turntable.





Fondly hope you are still enjoying your N-05XD. Iam interested in one, but cant find much in way of reviews. So Iam picking forum members heads for some inputs and listening impressions. Especially any comparisons with other dacs they might have tried or heard . So any light your goodselves can shed on the above will be much appreciated. Thanks

Thanks. I really did not do much comparison. It was in the Mac system that I demoed at Overure. They said that they use the Esoteric for most demos. So I bought it.