Aurender is finally Roon Ready?!

Saw a note on the latest Conductor 4 update that it adds Roon Ready capabilities to N20. I have N200 so I can’t try it yet, but am curious to hear from those with N20 who had tried Roon with it, as I’m assuming and hoping that this update will be made available for the N200 as well.

Here’s a bit about it from Aurender…



Having the ROON CORE separate is a feature and not a bug for me. ROON READY support on the Aurrender makes it a contender for me. If they could put a Fibre Optic input on the Aurrender then that would really elevate the Aurrender.

@stievus first of all it doesn’t work with Aurender and second you don’t need it there. The Conductor app is really good. Roon ready capability is a good feature set expansion. If you bypass the aurender queue processing there’s most likely a compromise in sound quality but it rids you of having to manage the queue. So for more casual listening Roon should be awesome.

I am excited for Aurender and Roon.  I have been contemplating an N30 but want the Roon option.  I love Roon, but if Conductor sounds better I can use either.  I also hope this partnership with Aurender pushes the sound quality of Roon higher.