Aurender is finally Roon Ready?!

Saw a note on the latest Conductor 4 update that it adds Roon Ready capabilities to N20. I have N200 so I can’t try it yet, but am curious to hear from those with N20 who had tried Roon with it, as I’m assuming and hoping that this update will be made available for the N200 as well.

Here’s a bit about it from Aurender…



Use Roon for non-critical listening, using its world leading music discovery algorithm, then once a song requires that last (you pick the percentage increase in sq) flip over to a different app, in my case squeeze, to hear it in all its glory.

HuZactly!  Roon most of the time, find a tune you really want max out on then swap over to, MPD on a Bryston for me, to get that last little bit.  

Its like having a N2O tank on a Hot Rod car. 

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@audphile1 My new Métronome DSS is Roon ready, though the designer in France recommend to try Audirvana instead because of, according to him, better sound quality. So I will try that first, I think. What I like less about Audirvana and Roon, is that the software should be installed on a computer that needs be running while playing music, and not directly on an Android device which is aso used as the remote control.


I got the notification too and had extended talk with Aurender head guy at AXPONA. They don’t see Roon as a competition and quite excited to roll out Roon. What I am hoping for Conductor to be the final arbiter with Roon UI..kinda like HQPlayer integration with Roon. And that’s what appears to be the case in Step 3 of the Roon Integration, best of both worlds, isn’t it :-)

And BTW, I was also using Roon for casual listening and Conductor for serious listening 😊

@stievus does Metronome come with an app? If not, then you’re limited to Audirvana, Roon and may be Mconnect. Out of the 3, only the Mconnect doesn’t require a computer to run on…it’s UPnP and is just a control app. Unfortunately it never sounded very good to me in my system and I preferred Roon over it. Besides, the Mconnect is just a super basic UI. Not even close to Roon. 
As to Audirvana, I tried and didn’t like it but that was long ago.