Aurender is finally Roon Ready?!

Saw a note on the latest Conductor 4 update that it adds Roon Ready capabilities to N20. I have N200 so I can’t try it yet, but am curious to hear from those with N20 who had tried Roon with it, as I’m assuming and hoping that this update will be made available for the N200 as well.

Here’s a bit about it from Aurender…



@audphile1 Indeed, I am using MConnect now, sounds good but is quite limited. Besides, regularly it stops in the middle of a track and jumps to the next one. Very annoying. So that is another reason to try Audirvana at some point.

Heard the N30 SA at Axpona w/ Doshi electronics and Joseph Audio new Flagship speakers. Sounded fantastic. 

Is there a streamer that doesn’t sound fantastic with Joseph Audio?  

Agree, Doshi electronics with Joseph speakers seems like a recipe that would be flattering to almost any streaming device. 

My personal experience is that it varies whether Roon is the best option or whether some other choice is best. Some devices have multiple to choose from and it's probably best you try them all in your system to see what happens.

I love Roon and will tend to use it most times unless there is another mode which sounds clearly superior. Curious to know how it plays out with Aurender. Also curious about whether this will impact their other models, of which there are quite a few by now.