Aurender N10

My Aurender player has stopped detecting the internet.
It shows no IP address even when I know the internet is active 
through the ethernet cable  and router.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Did you do any recent firmware updates? Might see if the player shows up in your routers connected devices. 
As was suggested above, please reboot your router AND modem.   If available, please remove the battery from these device (my modem has a battery).   Please also turn OFF your Aurender N10 and restart it.   If there are any switch boxes in the connection, please also turn them off and restart.  This is a complete device turn off for TWO MINUTES and not a restart from the Aurender Conductor App. 

Hopefully, the above steps will enable your Aurender N10 to connect to the Internet.   

Sometimes these devices get out of sync and require a complete reboot of all devices in the chain.  Please let us know if this works.