Aurender N10 connection with the network

I just purchased the Aurender N10 used off of Audiogon this past week.

Quick start guide tells me that the unit will connect to the network with a Cat 5 cable.  Download the phone app on my Samsung phone.  Sounds simple.


3 days later after all kind of changes for the life of me I cannot get this think connected to my network.. WTF.   Yes I restarted all my modems and routers a few times.  Nothing.

Any suggestions other than getting my money back if the guy will do that?



Cat5 is actually only rated for 100Base-T. Most people at home and work are on gigabit (1000Base-T) which requires Cat5e or better. I'd use a Cat6 cable if I were you. 

You may want to consider putting a DHCP reservation in on your router so it uses the same IP address. Or, there is a way to assign a static IP to your Aurender if needed. 

It sounded like it was a glitch caused by a computer virus, aka Windows 10.