Aurender N10 connection with the network

I just purchased the Aurender N10 used off of Audiogon this past week.

Quick start guide tells me that the unit will connect to the network with a Cat 5 cable.  Download the phone app on my Samsung phone.  Sounds simple.


3 days later after all kind of changes for the life of me I cannot get this think connected to my network.. WTF.   Yes I restarted all my modems and routers a few times.  Nothing.

Any suggestions other than getting my money back if the guy will do that?



Cat5 is actually only rated for 100Base-T. Most people at home and work are on gigabit (1000Base-T) which requires Cat5e or better. I'd use a Cat6 cable if I were you. 

You may want to consider putting a DHCP reservation in on your router so it uses the same IP address. Or, there is a way to assign a static IP to your Aurender if needed. 

It sounded like it was a glitch caused by a computer virus, aka Windows 10.

Unfortunately, my link #2 above has an incomplete address. The new link for Transferring Music Content to Your Aurender, is below.

Transferring Music Content to Your Aurender link

I suggest you write down these tasks on paper before you actually start the process. The MAIN transfer issue is the album cover art images. If they are stored with the album file and coded as folder.jpg, you are ready to ago. Please review the above instructions on how to handle cover art transfers.

@bill_peloquin, The BETTER question is how were your albums loaded to your hard drive?  If you used iTunes, you have to create a process of finding the cover art and transferring it to the album files so that it gets copied over to the Aurender correctly.  If you used something else, please check your hard drive and ensure the cover art image is coded correctly and stored in the correct location.  

For example,  iTunes does NOT store the album cover art with the song but hides it in another encrypted folder. The explains why my album transfer to the Aurender did NOT display the album cover art.   Aurender is not responsible since Apple decided to not imbed the album cover art in every song/file in iTunes, like just about every other piece of music software does.  I found a custom Script created by Doug Adams that runs in iTunes and saves the album art to the song folder as a JPG file. Please follow Doug's detailed install instructions carefully since you have to make the Script available in iTunes to run it.   You pay after you install the Script.  After running it, I checked the results and every album that had album cover art now had a JPG file associated with that song (in the correct folder). Please TEST this process using five albums and do the transfer in small batches.  Doug's Scripts might limit the number transferred at a time (please confirm this, since when I ran it, the limit was 10 albums at a time).  

Dougs Scripts link

All my albums were copied to my hard drive using iTunes.  After running Doug's Scripts, all my albums, including the cover art, were correctly coped over to my Aurender.  I hope this helps.  



Just a note when i got my A10 it says in the manual that only an apple tablet will be able to set it up properly, the phone app will not let you set it up. Not even sure if your android phone can set it up let alone connect to it.