Aurender N100 or X100?

I am looking at Aurender because they have built in hard drives and a caching playback.The HDDs vary from 2-10 TB. At this point 2 TB is plenty for me. And it may always be enough. But I'd rather have more room and not need it than not enough room. But it has 2 USB ports so that I can always add a HDD or 2. But what are the disadvantages of the ext HDD as compared to the internal HDD??

The x series has the larger HDD but  is a discontinued model (I believe) So is the technology still up to date? Will I be fine with the less expensive N series and an ext HDD?

What other quirks can I expect with the aurender?


I have an old Aurender S10, so can't comment on your specific question on N100 vs X100, but I find the iPad proprietary app very convenient to use.  The iPhone app is a bit quirky and seems to need to be deleted and reloaded occasionally, but otherwise works ok.  I do wish I had more HDD space than 2TB.  Practically 2TB is enough--I probably only use 1.2TB with any regularity, but I have 8TB of music that I have to put on and take off because the Aurender drive isn't big enough.  I had a bit of a challenge integrating the Aurender reliably on my network so I can move files from the remote HDDs to the Aurender from my PC, but that has more to do with my incompetence I think than limitations with Aurender's USB interface.

Hello @artemus_5. I have an N100H, but have not heard the X100L. If you don’t need huge storage capability I definitely recommend the N100H over X100L, mostly because the N100H has a Linear Power Supply. The X100L has a Switch Mode Power Supply, which probably won’t sound as good. 

As for quirks, the units like to be shut down nicely. 

I really like the Conductor app to control them.  Good luck!



Thanks for the heads up about the difference in power supplies. That will make a difference in my decision.   One question if you would. Doe an ext HDD have the same functionality as the internal drive? IOW, can you manipulate files as easy on the ext as the internal?

I have the Aurrender N200, I love it. My understanding of using an external HDD is that the Aurrender app will not see those files, you have to use the file folders function. I suggest a call to Aurender to confirm, their help desk is great. All the best to you.